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Administrative Office
Av. Portal del Angel, 36 08002 Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona International Business Club

ABOUT BIBC Community

The Clubs is private, non-government, non-political local - business organization. Prospect members and all current members are strongly aware of the power of professional and carefully selected networking. All activities and initiatives are created in order to support members in expanding businesses, trades as well as professional / personal horizons.

The Barcelona International Business Club is committed to holding regular events for its Members, providing exceptional networking, valuable information and enjoyable experiences. Members are invited to over 30 meetings throughout the year.

Additionally, The Club is holding two major events with special purpose of gathering all members and its invitees. The aim is to add value to being a Member and enhance life at the Club through events that are interesting, useful and popular Over the year, expect business forums with guest speakers, leadership & entrepreneurship forums, themed dinners, gourmet or “evenings with style” events, with outstanding guests.

Members Profile

Club’s meetings also connect our Members together and faciltiate advanced networking, exchange and business opportunities. Next to Members and a club’s premises, nothing shapes the standing of a Club as much as the quality of its events.

The Club creates a unique environment for business, professional meetings, the exchange of ideas and entertainment. Building national & international business networks is one of the Club's most important objectives. Businessmen from Spain and other associated business clubs can meet at BIBC for private and business exchanges

The Clubs have adopted a policy of “Membership by Invitation Only”. This means that every new Member who joins the Club must be recommended and / or receive an invitation from the Club. Members’ nominees must be approved by the Admission Committee.

Exclusive Clubbing Space for Members Gatherings


This Uniquely inspirational club experience for senior executives, corporate leaders and business opinion makers based on simple philosophy -

Business is Human
BIBC Members are people who have significantly altered business, culture, and society.

They have all been brought together by their desire to be inspired, to explore new possibilities, and to constantly expand their world.
The Club admits Business Owners, Chairmen, CEOs and other highly placed professionals with reputable companies who believe in expanding their businesses, trades and professional horizons and wish to be part of an elite clubbing initiative that creates opportunities.
Grow your presence in your business community amongst C-level and Senior Executives sharing mutual experiences, insights and opportunities.

Our network groups are meant for deep, honest reflection. We strive for your mind to be racing with new ideas and inspiration on the drive home from every network meeting.
At the Forefront
The business landscape is in a constant state of change. And it is happening faster now more than ever. This is your short-cut to knowledge and insights on emerging trends to look for

Members' & Club's Recent Activities

 Liderar<br> innovadora-mente
Special Guest & Gala Dinner Keynote at Movers & Shakers Business Awards 2020, Mr. Ramón Fauria
Mentalista empresarial
Talent & Skills
Talent & Skills
Private Members Dinner with Special Guest, Mr. Angel Sáenz de Cenzano, Head Spain & Portugal at LinkedIn
Energy Talks
Energy Talks
Club's Special Guest, Mr. Peter Wells , CEO at GE Renewable Energies
IKEA Inside, Culture & Business
IKEA Inside, Culture & Business
Exclusive Dinner & Members Meeting with Mr. Tolga Öncu, General Manager at IKEA Iberica
Retail Talks
Retail Talks
Private members lunch with Mr. Francois Nuyt, President Amazon Spain
Tech Dinner
Tech Dinner
Members dinner & meeting with Mr. John Hoffman, CEO at Mobiel World Congress
Social and networking events allowing introductions among Members
Tech & Society
Tech & Society
Exclusive Dinner & Members Meeting with Ms. Fuencisla Clemares, , General Manager at Google Spain>
Global Geopolitics
Global Geopolitics
Special BIBC International Edition - Our Guest from the World’s Leading Geopolitical Intelligence Platform, Mr. Roger Baker, VP at Stratfor (USA)
City & Architacture
City & Architacture
Club's social event enriched by presence and presentation regarding Sagrada Familia city project by Mr. Jordi Fauli, Construction Director at Sagrada Famili
External Visit
External Visit
Organized industrial visit at SEAT plant accompanied by series of meetings and driving experience
Energy Talks
Energy Talks
Private Members Lunch with Special Guest, Mr. Lluis Noguera, CEO at Global Power Sourcing (Grupo Natorgy)

In the tradition of fine private clubs


Its ongoing success as a premier private business club relies on a commitment to fulfilling the professional and social interests of our discerning members and guests.

The Club is continually progressive in its membership profile and demographics.

Always evolving, the Club has a rapidly growing Young Executive membership, consisting of the aspiring and inspiring leaders of tomorrow, working together to create a stimulating and enriching environment both within the Club and in the greater community.

While nine out of ten companies or individuals who join the Barcelona International Business Club will do so by invitation, applications are also accepted by the Club. Applications are considered by the Membership Committee, after careful screening by the Membership department, when references have been taken up.

Some of the many benefits of being a member

Benefits & Opportunities

Barcelona Intl. Business Club Members enjoy access to a range of exclusive offers and dedicated services.

Business events reflecting topics of current interests, national and international matters; presented and moderated by the who’s who of Barcelona and industry experts.

Members enjoy a direct and personalized access to normally “inaccessible” top company’s decision makers. The quality of private and business networking as well as seniority of Members is the # 1 consideration of the Barcelona International Business Club.

Social and networking evenings allowing introductions among members facilitated by the respective Membership Managers. Unique dining experiences together with partnering locals, celebrity chefs and gastronomy experts; selected food & beverage pairings and tastings.