Barcelona International Business Club's Advisory Board is composed of 25 talented and highly experienced business corporate members from diverse enterprises located around Barcelona. The Advisory Board values, supports and guides this world-class, finest Business Club.

The primary objectives are to advise the Club's Executives about social and business community issues, raise awareness about the important role of fair leadership and the positive impact of the BIBC in the community by being advocates for excellence and trust.

Currently, BIBC Advisory Board Members participate in a number of outreach initiatives aimed at enhancing diversity in the Club.
Advisory Board provides guidance to Club Management to ensure the Club has an exceptional schedule of events and activities, which add value to being a Member and enhances usage and life at the Club.

Their role is also to ensure the quality of our Club's Life by giving recommendations on strategic actions to be taken by the Club's CEO. In addition, the Advisory Board's task is to help the roster of club members to grow steadily and advise and assist the management, so that the balance and quality of members is always maintained.

Advisory Board Members also encourage other members to get involved with the Club of “Movers & Shakers” and connect directly with like-minded executives and professionals that have already joined the Club

Mr. John Hoffman

Honorary Member
Chief Executive Officer
World Mobile Congress

Mr. Juan José Martinez

Chief Executive Officer
Networkia Business Centers

Ms. Maria Teresa Rodó

Head of Global Pharma Operations
Merck Gruppe

Mr. Xavier Martin Conillas

Chief Executive Officer
Faro Barcelona

Mr. Ignacio Marull Guasch

Partner Leader
PwC Cataluña

Mr. Alonso Fernández

Managing Director of Industry
Everis Europe

Mr. Marco Bootz

Regional Vice President EMEA

Mr. Marcos Urarte

Chief Executive Officer
Grupo Pharos

Mr. Oriol Cuenca

Managing Director

Mr. Enric Massip-Bosch

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Victor Betrán

Managing Director
Grupo BG Media

Mr. Germán Castillo

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Javier Bernades

Cushman & Wakefield

Mr. Ruud Gal

Executive Director
DSM Coating Resins Spain

Mr. Victoriano Martín

Consulting Country Leader

Mr. Carlos Buesa

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Steve Cahill

Vice President
Colt Technology

Mr. Jordi Pérez

General Manager