The Movers & Shakers Awards by Barcelona International Business Club during its traditional annual meeting will recognize and reward excellence, best practice, personal achievements and innovation in companies located in Catalonia. It will provide the benchmark, inspiration and example for others and it will be a hallmark of excellence. The Business Movers & Shakers Awards will recognize personal abilities, leadership competencies and enterprising mindsets from all industry sectors, embracing businesses of all sizes and ages. The competition is free to enter and open for both BIBC Members and Non-Members, to all company sizes as well asto any industry sector. The Business Movers & Shakers Awards programme serves three purposes for the Catalonian business community: 1. It will provide examples for the business community to aspire to 2. It will celebrate and endorse individual and organizational success 3. It will provide case studies and content for learning form these exceptional people and organizations. T he II E dition of M overs & S hakers A wards - 15 of J une 2018 C elebrating B arcelona ’ s A mbition www . msa 2018. com