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Administrative Office
Av. Portal del Angel, 36 08002 Barcelona
Enjoyable experiences
The best business happens in the right timing, deserved circumstances and naturally
Event series, provides executives with the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and to discuss business-critical issues in a closed forum

BIBC Diplomatic Dinner

BIBC Diplomatic Dinner
Pending Confirmation

Meet the Judges MSBA2019

Meet the Judges MSBA2019
Date: 23.01.2020

Managing Business with Collaborative Applications

Managing Business with Collaborative Applications
12th March 2020
Business Club Dinner & Think Tank with Expert Group

Global Digital Enterprise

Global Digital Enterprise
eCommerce will change radically in the next few years and only companies that are strategically and technically prepared for these changes will be able to keep pace

Club Official Partners

Tienda especializada en Cestas de Navidad, Lotes de Navidad y todo tipo de regalos, promociones de empresas y detalles para momentos especiales.
Media & Visual Production, E-Commerce Management
Moët & Chandon
Moët & Chandon, fundado en 1743 con sede en Épernay, es uno de los champanes más conocidos y vendidos del mundo. Se carecteriza por su color amarillo pálido, algo verdoso